About Jeff

After being assigned a simple task to maintain a website some years ago, I embarked on an over five experience of self-taught coding to build mobile and web applications.

What started from building templates for Wordpress sites has since evolved to a focus on backend development. Using my experiences in Economics, marketing, and the self-taught experiences in code, each application I build (and will in the future) is done with purpose, organization, and to solve problems.

There is more than just bytes and lines of code. I have since taken on new challenges such as building upon new ideas and publishing. From co-organizing a Startup Weekend to getting into publishing, I have since taken on new challenges and will continue to do so. No matter what I decide to do next, I always live by my personal motto to “create new experiences.”

Code Profile

Key Features in Apps:

Automation of tasks (email scheduling, database updates), Content Management Systems, Database Management, E-Commerce Integration, REST APIs (connect other apps to your app)

Programming Languages:

Python, Javascript, PHP

Development Frameworks/Tools:

Django, NodeJS, Angular, Bootstrap, Ionic, Socket.io, VueJS, Laravel, Codeigniter

Developer API/Integrations:

Amazon Web Services (S3 – File Storage), Google, Twitter, Facebook, Mailgun, Stripe, Redis


Heroku, Microsoft Azure

Database Management:

PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB

Current Work

fare.watch - Go to site

Flights In Asia - Go to site

Check Out Some Open Source Code on Github


Types of Writing:

White Paper, Blogs

Topics of Interest:

Code (Programming), Technology, Economics, Data Analysis, Aviation, Travel

Publishing Tools:

Word, Scribus, GIMP, Slideshare, Google Analytics

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